Rice Design Alliance From Houston and Beyond

Rice Design Alliance was established within the Rice School of Architecture in 1972 to develop the School’s public outreach programs. Now one of the preeminent design organizations in Texas, RDA curates a season of lectures, tours, design competitions, exhibitions, publications, and more.

If Rice Architecture is the meeting point of Rice University and architecture, then RDA is the meeting point between Rice Architecture and the community. It is a hub within architecture, design, and civic planning for professionals, students, and hobbyists alike. 

We worked with Rice Design Alliance to develop a brand identity system that embodies the multidisciplinary design network that they’ve established throughout the Houston community over the years.  

Echoing Rice Architecture’s collaborative nature, this brand identity system is also grounded by a circular grid. However, the RDA arms extend outward to represent a network of professions within architecture, design, and civic planning in Texas and beyond.

We are a Network, Multidisciplinary, Practical and Provocative.