Visual identity Guidelines

Cory 2020
Cory Booker’s 2020 Presidential Campaign.
Girl Scouts of the USA
Empowering a new generation of girls.
Memphis River Parks Partnership
Six-miles. Five park districts.
Prospect Park Alliance
Making a Great Park Greater.
Adobe XD at MAX 2020
Work October 20, 2020
Work April 29, 2019
Dartmouth Athletics
Work February 15, 2019
The Ad Age rebrand is one of best brand identities of 2018 by BrandNew
Press Brand New January 1, 2019
SVA MFA Design
Work January 1, 2019
Speaking With One Bold Voice: A refreshed visual identity system “honors a historic brand.”
Press Dartmouth News January 21, 2018
Welcome to the new AdAge
Press September 24, 2017
The NBA updates its logo for the first time in 48 years.
Press July 7, 2017
Co. Design Interviews Jennifer & Bobby at the Champions Design Office
Press Fast Company April 24, 2017
Rice Architecture
Work April 23, 2017
A collection of design work from the 2016 presidential campaign
Press Hillary for America April 6, 2017
Jennifer & Bobby Keynote the Brand New Conference in Chicago
Event Brand New Conference September 25, 2014
Work September 8, 2014
St. Bartholomew’s Church
Work April 10, 2011