Dartmouth Athletics

Dartmouth’s Athletic department has as rich a legacy and tradition as its College. Continuing our work to create a unifying vision across the whole university, we collaborated with staff, faculty and student-athletes to develop an identity system that supercharges the Dartmouth Athletics program.

Dartmouth isn’t called Big Green for nothing—the distinctive shade of green has been used for over 150 years. The athletic department’s color palette focuses on Dartmouth Green and White as the Primary colors, and samples secondary and tertiary colors from the College’s palette to create a system that harmonizes with the College.

We selected United Serif Condensed as the main typeface for Dartmouth’s Athletics department. Its chiseled edges, well crafted details, and bold voice exude a sense of timeless, collegiate athleticism that nod to the department’s legacy while having enough versatility to be used in a multitude of contexts.