Image of the Studio Rebranding the USA

Image of the Studio is a cross-section of more than 75 graphic design firms in New York City co-curated by The Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design & Typography at Cooper Union and the Athletics. The exhibition aims to offer a shared portrait of what it means to be a New York design studio in 2013.

We find it impossible to work without a client and a deadline. The Image of the Studio’s open-ended brief was both exciting and problematic, so we asked ourselves: Who is our dream client? The answer: America, of course. We agreed that we would listen to the Presidential address on July 4, 2013 and take that as our brief in rebranding the country. 

So many of Champions’ ideals overlap with President Obama’s ideals that we had faith we could find ourselves in his words and deliver an icon that would say both Champions and USA. We were further delighted when the synchronicity went one level deeper to include all of our co-exhibitioners.

Small business owners are the new American revolutionaries. Willing to lay down our lives, our fortunes and our honor we strike out for freedom. We lead a movement toward a stronger, more stable union that functions on a more human-scale. All heart and guts and grit, we find a way to do what we love, our way, every day.

New American Revolutionaries: 
The Free Manifesto

We firmly believe that small businesses are the new American revolutionaries and we will proudly fly that neon flag in the Champions storefront window. Willing to lay down our lives, our fortunes and our honor, we strike out for freedom.