What’s the one thing you wish you had designed?

2paragraphs asked Champions partners, Jennifer Kinon and Bobby C. Martin Jr., to talk about work they wish they had designed–either because they admire it or because they wish it was better?  Here is what they answered.

Jennifer Kinon:
The one thing I wish I had designed is the McMuffin wrapper. McDonald’s has trashed our country’s nutrition and food systems, yet I can’t help but admire that yellow paper with orange, blue and rust colored ink.

One McMuffin wrapper identifies four different types of breakfast sandwich: Egg McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin, Sausage Egg White McMuffin, and Egg White Delight McMuffin. No pen is needed. The prep cook simply places the McMuffin on its appropriate circle and folds. No utensils or flatware are required for eating either. The McMuffin wrapper does it all.

Racism Poster by James Victore Racism and the Death Penalty Poster by James Victore
Bobby Martin:
During my last year of college, my VCU design professor assigned Eye Magazine as mandatory reading. It was 1998, Steven Heller’s article “Writing on the Wall” (Eye No. 30 Vol. 8) featured the bold, highly-evocative work of designer James Victore. The two posters on the opening spread tackled the issue of race in such an honest and direct way that I could feel it down to my bones. In the first poster, Victore scrawled in gritty black ink on a white background the word “racism.” The “C” drawn larger and in red evokes the terrifying feeling of a shark chomping towards a helpless victim. The second poster, to me, was even more powerful. For the NAACP, Victore addressed the topic of “Racism and the Death Penalty.” For this one, he scrawled the familiar childhood game of hangman, but it takes a dramatic twist. He filled the six blanks with three letters _ _ G G _ R.
There’s nothing pretty about it, yet I’ve always admired James Victore’s work. It appropriately captures the heart of important topics and brilliantly wakes us up to issues we should care about or take action to change. So damn good, I wish I had thought of it.