The Moment to Overdeliver

After 100+ days of quarantined existence, we’ve all started making adjustments to how we live our lives. As individuals, we’re finding ways to reduce our anxiety, introducing new hobbies that keep us sane, and reevaluating what’s most important to us. Now the question is: what does this mean for our businesses and our brands? Can they continue to provide the same offerings or communicate the same messages when the world is no longer the same?
In the last few months, businesses have navigated an unprecedented period of disruption, and now it’s time to start thinking about what recovery might look like. We are asking ourselves not only what we can do to heal our businesses, but also what we can do to heal our society. The months ahead are a window of opportunity to reflect and realign in order to find better means of operating in a rapidly changing world.  
The key to surviving now and in the long run is to modify your strategic approach in a way that does not compromise your vision. Your vision is the reason you get up in the morning; the reason your employees and customers choose to support you. It’s not about what your product is, but why you’re making it. That reason should guide your choices as you explore paths to regrowing your business while meeting people where they are–both emotionally and functionally

Lately we’ve seen an impressive acceleration of innovation and subsequent adoption of emerging concepts. Out of necessity, people have been quicker to embrace previously novel ideas, like getting their groceries delivered, dating over video chat, or even attending virtual events. With audiences primed and receptive to fresh approaches, this is the moment to be adaptive and agile. But as our nation fights against injustice, we also have an obligation to stand by our values–not just in with our words, but with our actions. 
This is the moment to overdeliver.